Environmental Permit Public Consultation Now Open

The Environmental Permit Public Consultation Period is now open.

Originally meant to remain open for only 20 working days – BACI has secured an extension to this period

The period that you will be able to make representations to the Environment Agency will now run – 6th March- 18th April.

BACI have provided some notes regarding Environmental issues that we feel need highlighting – based on information provided in the Planning process documents Environmental Issues – Notes.

BACI members are currently reviewing the Environmental Permit documents that were released over the weekend and therefore this list may be subject to amendment/s and of course additions.

Please use these notes as guidance only for your own submission to the Environment Agency.  Links to appropriate website material for you to review is available with most items.  Of course – you may wish to research items yourself and provide other evidence.  The list is not exhaustive – there may be issues you wish to add.  Please remember to keep your comments to Environmental issues only.  For example – the size of the Incinerator has already been allowed through the planning process.  The number of HGV movements has already been allowed through the planning process – but the emissions of the diesel engines of these HGVs is an environmental issue.

If you feel there are other Environmental issues that have not been covered and you would like to share with others – please use the comments at the end of the Environmental Issues Notes page.

The links to the appropriate Environment Agency Page is https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/mk43-9ly-covanta-energy-limited/  From this page you can submit your comments and also view the Environmental Permit documents.