Non-Covanta Public Consultations with Implications

There are 2 local public consultations open at the moment that could have implications regarding the Covanta Incinerator development.

East West Rail – Western Section Phase 2  Public Consultation – the latest Covanta Community Liasion panel minutes record Network Rail have confirmed they are upgrading the rail crossing – which will then be remotely operated from the signal box.  However – this will increase the time the barriers are down to 5 minutes each time.  Additional queueing of waste HGV’s has implications for traffic using Green Lane to enter Stewartby and increased diesel emissions for the area including the nearby Kimberley College.

Despite the increased development and one of the largest Incinerators in the UK proposed for Central Beds and Bedford Borough – only 2 road-bridges are planned – at Marston Road Lidlington and Manor Road Kempston Hardwick.  Looking through the consultation documents there appears to be no mention of the Incinerator and therefore presumably no consideration regarding the impact of emissions the lack of bridges together with increased rail traffic will cause.

More details – Marston Moreteyne Action Group website
View Consultation Documents and submit comments –

Local Development Plan – Public Consultation – lots of sites have been put forward for development in Marston Vale villages as well as a bid for 4 completely new villages in between Marston Moretaine and Brogborough.  The Vale has seen considerable development already in the last few years and the road network is already under strain. The implications of the proposed plans will increase traffic using already congested A421 and local roads.  The emissions of the increased traffic will – of course – raise the overall emissions level on top of the proposed Incinerator HGV and stack emissions.

More details – Marston Moreteyne Action Group website

View Consultation Documents and submit comments –


3 thoughts on “Non-Covanta Public Consultations with Implications

  1. Seriously oppose Covanta, it really will clog up the a421, an accident hotspot already and the diesel emissions will have an impact on the area, which is slowly being built up to many many residential villages. Please please it’s crazy to allow this to all go ahead, it will be a total blot on the landscape too, this area is in need of regeneration not destruction, we need more trees, more wildlife, natural open spaces, for families to enjoy. Such a shame that this development will impact so many with devastating effects on road links, wildlife and humankind in the local area, as well as impact homeowners financially. Environmentally it’s a disaster!


    • I totally agree with the above sentiments. We all need to say NO to the potentially harmful, damaging emissions which would spew out of the Covanta monstrosity if it went ahead.


  2. I could not agree more. The idea is madness. We have enough development already and the thought of losing our “green and pleasant land” is looming closer and closer just as this proposed development signals. We, the residents say “Enough is Enough”


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