2nd Consultation Period has now closed

Thank you to everybody that submitted comments to the Environment Agency.

The final numbers are not through from the Environment Agency yet – but our contact has advised us that it is looking like 1200+.  This is a good number for a second consultation where there are more limitations imposed by the EA on the objections that can be used.  You can keep a tab on the submissions sent via the online system as they are processed by visiting https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/mk43-9ly-covanta-energy-limited-1/consultation/published_select_respondent

The petition is still open and will remain open until Mr Gove answers and launches an investigation into the situation.  Please feel free to post a response to the extremely generic and sterile current reply to the petition by the CEO of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan.  Please keep signing and sharing.  Short link to petition http://chn.ge/2gYwQ3L

Please see BACI’s Submission in Full below or Click Here to view the PDF version



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