BACI Rally 4th November 2017

A big thank you to everybody who turned out for the rally protest on Saturday 4th November.

The weather was a bit of a disappointment – but that didn’t stop us getting 134 vehicles on the route up and down Green Lane.  The resulting congestion more than adequately proved our point regarding the HGV movements.

The event gained good coverage from both ITV Anglia News and BBC Look East and has resulted in a significant increase in both petition and facebook group numbers.

Special thanks to our excellent Marshalls and Volunteers – Elinor, Sian, Ros, Steven, Elaine, Tracey, Mike, Caroline, Gareth and Robert.

Also grateful thanks to Tim and Simon at Kimberley College for allowing and facilitating our use of the Car Park.

We could not have pulled this off without everybody pulling together.

We are currently putting together a page which will feature videos, photos etc of the event.


One thought on “BACI Rally 4th November 2017

  1. Well done all who got out there and helped the cause. Unfortunately I was not able to be part of it . Illness prevailed I m afraid.


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