UKWIN Bin the Burners Campaign

UKWIN (UK Without Incineration) has been very supportive during BACI’s submissions to the Environment Agency and we would like to support their new initiative.

As seen from the table on the UKWIN website – there are a number of anti-incinerator groups involved in fighting their own incinerator battle.

UKWIN are asking all memberships of these local groups to write to their local MPs to support a call for a moratorium on new waste incineration capacity.  It is hoped this will encourage MPs to sign the early day motion that is being put forward by Keighley MP John Grogan.  It is hoped that this will also result in a backbench debate to highlight the problem further.

The motion wording will be:-
“That this House notes in the UK there is now more waste incineration capacity built and under construction than it is forecast there is genuinely residual combustible waste to burn; further notes that incineration overcapacity can be a barrier to achieving the recycling society; believes that realising such a recycling society would result in significant economic, social, and environmental benefits; acknowledges the need to send a clear message that the waste hierarchy should shift focus away from incineration and towards waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting; and calls on the Government and the Devolved Administrations to introduce a complete moratorium on new waste incineration capacity, covering both conventional incineration and other forms such as gasification and pyrolysis, as a matter of urgency.”

The UKWIN site has a template letter that can be used by residents to send to their local MP.  It would be a good idea to amend the letter slightly to include the Covanta Incinerator details and to highlight any specific concerns you have.  Once completed the individual letter will be sent out by UKWIN.

Please note the donation request on this page is for UKWIN to continue funding its resources.  It is not a donation towards BACI’s specific fight against the Covanta Incinerator e.g. legal costs etc.

Please visit – complete your postcode to find your local MP and then amend the letter as you wish and submit.


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