Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the work of the Environment Agency

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee took evidence on Wednesday 21 November on the work of the Environment Agency. The EA is the main public body for improving the environment in England and for protecting communities from flooding.

The session discussed how effectively the EA is delivering these aims and what outcomes it is securing from its £1.3 billion budget on issues including water quality, waste, environmental regulation, drought and flooding.

The session was concerned with the whole of the EA’s remit – but did include 2 questions regarding incinerators and regulation of incinerator plants by the EA.

Answering on behalf of the EA (from left to right as seen):

  • Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive, Environment Agency
  • Emma Howard Boyd, Chairman, Environment Agency
  • Dr Toby Willison, Executive Director of Operations,
    Environment Agency

Question 9 Clip – Time index 15.56.33 – 16.06.13

John Grogan MP (also involved in EDM backed by UKWIN’s Bin the Burners Campaign – see the previous post) asked the EA for comments regarding the recent reports that the UK will have an overcapacity of waste for Incinerators and the effect this will have on recycling etc.  Clip includes the follow-up questions by John Grogan MP regarding why the English EA is not the same as the Scottish Environment Agency in terms of a more proactive approach to having a view/objecting to Incinerators during planning in relation to the Waste Hierarchy. (Click on Photo to View- opens in new window)

Question 9 beginning shot


Question 10 Clip- Time index 16.06.13 – 16.13.18

Julian Sturdy MP asked the EA how air quality is monitored.  Clip includes follow-up questions by Julian Sturdy MP regarding self-monitoring and impact of small particulates to communities well outside of the incinerator’s immediate area.  Follow-up questions from John Grogan MP asking how many times the EA has had to take enforcement actions against incinerator operators and how compromising are the EA regarding issues such as stack height. (Click on Photo to View – opens in new window)

More Information

Main Inquiry Page on .gov

Main Select Committee Page on .gov


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