Supplemental Letter sent to the Environment Agency

A supplemental letter to the Pre-Action Protocol letter has been sent to the Environment Agency regarding the accumulative effect of the emissions from the Millbrook Power Plant – also to be located at Rookery South – in addition to the emissions from the Covanta Incinerator.

The Millbrook Power Plant applied for planning permission in October 2017 and applied to the Environment Agency for an Environmental Permit in November 2017.  The EA has since conducted a public consultation which concluded in March 2018.


One thought on “Supplemental Letter sent to the Environment Agency

  1. To whoever reads my above statement please think of the inhabitants living in Marston Vale and the communities living higher along the circular ridge. The proposed chimney will be about 300 ft level with Cranfield higher up on a ridge about 300 ft. When the Stewartbury brickworks were pumping out smoke we breathed in pollutants here in Cranfield,- brick dust. BUT nothing nearly so toxic as dioxins and other pollutants from incinerated substances. This will be a danger to many people living in the Vale and along the Ridge.


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