Judicial Review Urgent Update

Unfortunately – BACI will be unable to proceed any further with the case at this stage without enough pledges behind us to enable us to instruct the legal team.

We have now received and analysed the EA’s response to our Pre-Action Protocol Letter. Our legal team still consider there are grounds to be put forward under Judicial Review.

Due to the time restraints of the Judicial Review process – this means we have reached a critical point of the case of lodging the claim with the courts.

A big thank you to residents who have already donated. However – based on this number of pledges achieved so far – we will not be in a position to instruct our Barrister to draw up the claim for lodging.

BACI have a deadline of tomorrow (Saturday) night to instruct the Barrister.

The very minimum we need to achieve by this time (taking into account the VAT on our legal fees and associated crowdfunder/paypal fees) is:


At the moment we are standing at around £7,500 – so we have a shortfall of:


The BACI crowdfunder site has received over 4,700 unique visits but this has only resulted in just over 250 pledges.

We have a long way to go – it is essential that we know we have the backing of the residents – otherwise we have no chance of achieving anything and we will all just have to sit back and watch as the vale and surrounds change forever.

Visit our Ways you can Pledge/Contribute Page


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