1st Fundraising Target Reached

Thanks to a successful push on Saturday – the target for the lodging costs has been reached.  A big thank you to everybody who helped get us over this first important hurdle.

BACI has instructed the Barrister and Solicitor to draw up and prepare the claim in order to proceed with lodging this with the courts.  The Barrister has been working on this on Sunday and will again on Monday – in order to pass to the Solicitor within the deadline.

We appreciate there was limited time to fundraise this stage.  It was necessary to receive the reply to our Pre-Action Protocol letter to confirm if we still had grounds to go ahead with the claim. Unfortunately – the claim needs to be lodged prior to the deadline of 3 months after the permit was issued – giving us very little time.

Once lodged – the papers will be stamped by the courts and then sent back to our Solicitor to serve to the Environment Agency.  The timings for this stage are variable – but could be as little as 7 days.

At this serving stage extra fees become applicable and the next fundraising target (incl crowdfunder/paypal fees) is an additional £10,368.

We will now be are putting into motion our awareness/marketing process including posters/leaflets, village diary/publications etc.

Following the serving stage we will have more time before the next stage which is acknowledgement of service and reply stage – of about 3 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.

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