Judicial Review Claim Lodged with Courts

The grounds for the claim under Judicial Review were at last lodged yesterday (25/04/18).

The ‘bundle’ of evidence will be stamped by the Administrative Court office as received – and we then have a variable length of time before this is sent back to our Solicitor to serve to the EA and Covanta.

The minimum length of this time is 7 days- it all depends on any backlog at the courts.

At the serving stage other costs become applicable to the case and our next target is an additional approx £10,400

To clarify why money still appears on the Crowdfunder page. We cannot commit to each stage by instructing the legal team to proceed with that stage of the process unless we know for certain we have enough to pay for it.

Some monies are already held on account at our Solicitors – but thankfully we do not have to settle up in full at each stage – however – we are liable for each action actually taken at each stage. We cannot instruct the Legal Team without that guarantee otherwise it would be down to an individual or individuals to pick up the Bill.

This is why we cannot instruct the Solicitor to serve the papers until we have guarantees in the region of £20,000.

Most of the hard work regarding the legal grounds has been done for this section of the case regarding getting the evidence to a judge to grant permission. It would be a shame to have to discontinue – but we do need financial support.

Approximately 300 generous and dedicated people have already committed to the cause – if you have not already pledged – please consider joining them to help fight for the Vale.

Thank you for your continued support.

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