Claim Form and Evidence Bundle served on The Environment Agency and Covanta

Thanks to a tremendous fundraising effort in the last couple of days our target of £20,000 was reached – and BACI was in a position to instruct our Solicitor to serve Judicial Review Claim Papers on The Environment Agency (the defendant) and Covanta (the interested party).

The serving of the claim bundle which included our grounds, evidence and expert/witness statements is a key event in the case.

The next stage is the Acknowledgement of Service stage – and as we understand it both opponent parties now have 21 days to officially reply to the grounds contained in the claim bundle.

The crowdfunder site has a few days to run and then we will be launching a new page for the amounts due at this stage when our legal team will be required to reply to the Acknowledgement of Service from the opponents.

If completed this next stage gets us up to the paper permission stage where a judge will actually see our evidence and make a judgement on granting permission to proceed to a substantive hearing.


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