Fundraising for Acknowledgment of Service Stage

The next sub-stage of the Judicial Review Process is the Acknowledgement of Service stage – and as we understand it both opponent parties now have to officially reply to the grounds contained in the claim bundle by late next week.

We will then have under a week to reply to this Acknowledgement of Service.

The amounts that become due under this stage total a further £6,500.

The paypal and credit card payments remain open as before and a new Crowdfunder page has been created for this substage.

All donation methods can be accessed via Please note that different methods of donation charge different fees to us – and so affect the total amount of your donation we will receive.  Crowdfunder is 8% fee, Paypal is 1.3% and BACS 0%.

If completed this next stage gets us up to the paper permission stage where a judge will actually see our evidence and make a judgement on granting permission to proceed to a substantive hearing.

The post permission stage is to prepare for the court appearance and then the appearance itself – we are advised this could cost another £25,000.

It may not be necessary to take the case to the full court hearing stage. The Environment Agency can concede at any point up to the actual court hearing.

Please consider donating/pledging to help continue the fight.

Donate/Pledge Now


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