Permission For Full Hearing Granted by Judge

The Judicial Review Challenge against the Environment Agency has been granted permission by the Judge to progress and have the case heard in Court at a Full 2 Day Substantive Hearing.

Due to the change in Courts to the Planning Court – the timings changed and concurrently Covanta petitioned the court for a tighter time schedule – resulting in the paper permission stage being brought forward.

The Judge did not take on board Covanta’s ‘suggestions’ of an extremely expedited timetable – and has also agreed to allow the Protective Costs Order that we had applied for

A lot of cases need to go to a Permission Hearing before being granted permission. To receive permission just on the papers alone is a massive breakthrough for this Case.

We will be recalculating the amounts needed for this next and final stage of preparation for – and delivery of – a final Substantive Hearing.  Note – no actual date has been agreed yet for the case to be heard – this is dependant on the court availability.

Fundraising(Donation) options remain open as before. It is extremely important that we now secure the necessary funds to take full advantage of this Legal Opportunity

Please consider donating/pledging to help continue the fight.

Donate/Pledge Now

Thank you all for your Continued Support

Judicial Review Process Permission Granted


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