2 Day Substantive Court Hearing Dates

BACI have been advised our 2 Day Substantive Court Hearing Dates will be 10th and 11th October 2018.

The hearing will take place at:

Planning Court (Administrative Court)

Royal Courts of Justice

The Stand

London WC2A 2LL

Now we know the court hearing dates – we will be able to calculate the fundraising target amounts and dates going forward.

The next stages up to the actual hearing are – for the most part – based around set items and dates – all calculated backward from the hearing dates.

A new Crowdfunder page will be set up shortly.  The other methods of paypal, credit/debit card and BACS remain open as before.

Please consider donating/pledging to help continue the fight.

Donate/Pledge Now

Thank you all for your Continued Support


3 thoughts on “2 Day Substantive Court Hearing Dates

  1. I suffered, like hundreds of others, during the 1940s and 50s in London with bronchitis, caused through the inhalation of the London SMOG. It was a thick greenish fog caused through a Temperature Inversion. The air was sinking down to earth bringing down to pavement level the pollutants in the air from factory and house fire emissions. I attended school by forming a chain with other children feeling our way along the streets, fences and hedges to get to school. On one occasion, along with my parents, when leaving the cinema in Neasden, a blind man offered to take us home and we followed him. We could not see much further than the hand stretched out in front of us. We linked outstretched hands. This Covanta project would be bringing us back to the 1940s. In met. office terms the Temperature Inversion is caused by a ” ceiling” whereby the air goes down to earth below a level known as a Temperature Inversion ceiling. This downward sinking air brings with it the pollutants that otherwise would rise up to greater heights. I attended the HBS school in Hampstead Garden Suburb . This is a higher point than the area around it. During these foggy periods the Head would look at the the steeple of one of the two churches close to the school. If she could not see the top of the spire no matter what the time, she would send us all home. To be stranded in the smog miles from my home was a scary thought. We walked in groups down to the bus stop about a quarter of a mile away. This was the result of air pollution caused through smoke pollutants from coal burning home fires and factory emissions in large cities and towns. Please think of the children growing up in such places before allowing chimney emissions to be part of our lives again.


  2. Marston sold down the river by the building companies-why did this not come up on searches. Why haven’t The Forest Center & Millennium Country Park backed the residents of Marston?

    How are people who live in Marston going to feel? let down by the planning authority!
    Residents have spent there hard earned cash buying houses for their young families and are now having a incinerator dumped on there door step.
    The roads around Marston are so busy know what would it be like to have hundreds of extra heavy lorries on the surrounding roads-BEDLAM!! Lets hope when this goes to court that common sense prevails and this never happens-Good luck to you all in October.


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