Fundraising for Appeal launched

Following the BACI Committee Meeting – we have reached out to residents with our reasons for voting to continue to an Appeal (if supported by the public) and asked for comments.

In light of the limited time we had to consult before instructing the Legal Team – the main forum used for feedback was the BACI Facebook Group.

Over 300 supportive responses were received and only a handful of unsupportive – via this Group.  The supportive responses received were from both members that have supported BACI for some time and new members.

BACI has also spoken with the Mayor of Bedford who is fully supportive of the decision to move forward to an Appeal.

The indications of continued support are good and therefore we are launching the fundraising for the first stage to move forward with an Appeal with immediate effect.

The donations links remain the same as before and can be accessed via the Donations Page Here

The Fundraising Chimney graphic is also back to show progress to the paper permission stage target.

Unfortunately – this first target to take us to permission is needed as soon as possible due to the court time limits.

We will have more time to reach future targets as we are advised the Court of Appeals can move very slowly. Should we have the opportunity to progress to a full hearing – we will be looking at holding fundraising events to help boost the funds.

Thank you for your continued support.




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