Update August 2020

Members will be aware that Covanta have continued to build at Rookery Pit throughout lockdown. It is of no surprise that they did not take the socially responsible action of  suspending operations of this non essential building work and help us protect our local communities during this worrying period. 

Some of the largest component parts of the Incinerator have also arrived on site during lockdown – including the steam turbine which we believe arrived at Stewartby early July having departed from Eastern Europe in May. BACI had intended to organise a demonstration to coincide with the delivery of one of the larger components.

We have been considering and reviewing the implications of physical events in the current situation but unfortunately – the Regulations to minimise the spread of Covid 19 have persuaded BACI to put the planned programme of projects and events for 2020 on hold until further notice.

The protection of the health and environment of our local communities has been at the heart of the Campaign against the Incinerator. We feel it would be both irresponsible and hypocritical to be organising – or even be involved with – any activity at this time that encourages large numbers of people – possibly from other regions – to come together if there are health risks to residents.

We are conscious that many of our members who are most concerned about the health issues generated by the presence of the Covanta Incinerator in our community have underlying health conditions – and unfortunately these are the very people who should be careful in the current Covid  -19 outbreak.

Although masks and social distancing may be observed by individuals at events – you have no control over other’s actions. Most masks are designed to protect others from you – not you from others – and it may not always be possible to ensure others observe their distance from you. In reality – for any event in a public place – it would prove impossible to ensure all individuals were following procedure to keep everyone safe.  We are also aware of the adverse consequences of spreading Covid-19 on the NHS and other public services and the impacts of events on our already overstretched police force.

Despite the disappointing outcome of the legal action – BACI looks forward to resuming the Campaign awareness programme when it is safe for us all to come together again – ready to fight.

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