£50 only Draws 1 and 2

Congratulations to our first two winners of the £50 Donation free draws for a pair of Invitations to the Ampthill Park House Event on 3rd August 2019.

The first two draws of the £50 donation Draws took place on Saturday 22/06/19.

Entrants to the draws were randomly allocated a number from 1 to 20 and advised by email several days prior to the draw.

Nicola and Colin went out on location to two areas that would be greatly affected by the Covanta Incinerator.

The Forest Centre at the Millennium Country Park in Marston Moretaine for Draw 1.

Ampthill Great Park in Ampthill for Draw 2.

At both draw locations – Artist’s impressions of the Incinerator from the corresponding view point from Covanta’s Documentation were shown on film prior to the draw.



At location 1 for Draw 1 – the numbers were filmed going into envelopes that were then sealed.

At each location a member or members of the public unconnected to the draw were asked to make a selection from the sealed envelopes at random.

At the second location the number which had been drawn out as the winner for Draw 1 was filmed being placed back into a new envelope and sealed prior to Draw 2.

Many thanks to the members of the public who picked the winning envelopes:

Andy for Draw 1
Ollie and Charlotte for Draw 2

The lucky winners were:

Draw 1 – Tom Minion with Number 19

Draw  2 – Stacey Leigh Hart with Number 5

The videos of the draws were posted live on the BACI facebook group.  Please see below for a copy of the videos.

Draw 1 at Forest Centre – Intro

Draw 1 – Placing numbers in Envelopes

Draw 1 – Selection of winning Envelope by local resident Andy

Draw 2 – Ampthill Great Park – Intro

Draw 2 – Replacement of previous wining number in new sealed envelope

Draw 2 – Selection of winning envelope by local residents Ollie and Charlotte