BACI’s Submission to the Environment Agency

Please see below BACI’s submission to the Environment Agency in full.

6 thoughts on “BACI’s Submission to the Environment Agency

  1. Since 2011 Kimberley sixth form college has opened on Green lane. The possible 594 lorry movements a day will have an adverse affect on access to the college by students, staff, parents and any visitors. In addition the environmental impact on these pupils needs also to be considered.


  2. We now understand that London is about to impose a £20 pound charge to take one diesel car into the city because of the dangerous emissions. COVANTA WILL BE RUNNING FIVE HUNDRED DIESEL DRIVEN HEAVY LORRIES


  3. Covanta would have you believe that waste incineration is a safe and reliable process, yet in their original document submissions requesting permission for the site, Covanta stated that it is not possible for a modern waste incinerator plant to operate for an extended period of time without various events occuring that can cause the various emissison filters to fail. Such events include, but are not limited to, explosions from incineration of gas cylinders/aerosols and blockages of reagent feeds in the emission scrubbers.

    In such circumstances toxic emissions will be released into the environment – including Dioxins and Furans, heavy metals, micro particulates, Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitric Oxides – all of which have well known and severe adverse affects arising from short and long term exposure to tiny quantities . Waste incinerators cannot be turned on and off instantly and when faults occur, the uncontrolled emissions could last for several hours or a few days whilst the faults are rectified, during which time the toxic emissions will be distributed over a wide area encompassing several villages, schools and nature reserves and can persist in the environment for many years.


  4. NO TO COVANTA!!! We do not want this site built in our area. It is going to be a major health and enviromental disaster.


  5. I’m not sure if I am missing it here but does anyone have a copy of the actual planning permission granted and also the environmental permit application document please?


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