Judicial Review Court Case Financial Overview

A massive thank you to everyone involved – the official target of £51,500 was achieved on 14th October (3 days after the end of the Court Hearing).

Your support and enthusiasm has been inspiring throughout the campaign and has ensured that we have been able to challenge the Environment Agency’s processes and procedures through a show of “People Power”.

On a slight downside – in the final stages of Judicial Review process some unexpected legal costs were forced upon us due to the following:

  • Covanta did not agree to a small extension to the Detailed Grounds stage to allow our Barrister to take his pre-booked family holiday.  Thereby forcing us to issue a Court Order and incurring further court fees.  We understand that the usual procedure would be for parties to agree to small changes/adjustments – such as this – amongst themselves without the court getting involved and incurring additional costs.  We understand that the Environment Agency did not object.
  • The Environment Agency submitted some late and unexpected evidence in the form of an additional witness statement.  It was necessary for us to issue a rebuttal expert witness statement-  which incurred extra costs from our legal team – and the court fees associated with presenting additional evidence outside of the planned evidence timeline.

These costs became evident after the announcement of our final target figure of £51,500.  We feel it was inappropriate to change this target at such a late stage.

During and following the court hearing dates – we had notification of several agreements of donations from Parish/Town/Borough Councils.  Most of these donations have been realised in the days since the court dates.

These additional late donations (after the original target of £51,500 was met) – have nearly made up the shortfall we are now experiencing.

Our position – as it stands at the moment-  has a potential shortfall of £1,538.24 with an additional further pledge of £500 that is currently unpaid.  This would bring the shortfall to £1,038.24.

The donation methods are still open – and if any individuals or groups – who have not already taken the opportunity to support the legal campaign so far – wish to donate – BACI would be grateful.

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