Judicial Review Urgent Update

Unfortunately - BACI will be unable to proceed any further with the case at this stage without enough pledges behind us to enable us to instruct the legal team. We have now received and analysed the EA's response to our Pre-Action Protocol Letter. Our legal team still consider there are grounds to be put forward … Continue reading Judicial Review Urgent Update


Supplemental Letter sent to the Environment Agency

A supplemental letter to the Pre-Action Protocol letter has been sent to the Environment Agency regarding the accumulative effect of the emissions from the Millbrook Power Plant - also to be located at Rookery South - in addition to the emissions from the Covanta Incinerator. The Millbrook Power Plant applied for planning permission in October … Continue reading Supplemental Letter sent to the Environment Agency

Update re more details of Pre-Action Protocol Letter

We have received some requests for more information regarding the grounds for Judicial Review summarised in the Pre-Action Protocol Letter. The following is the list of areas highlighted by our Barrister that were considered suitable for Judicial Review purposes after consulting with BACI and several experts: The EA failed to challenge the incorrect chemistry evidence submitted by Covanta regarding the effect … Continue reading Update re more details of Pre-Action Protocol Letter

BACI launches Crowd Funding Page

https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bedfordshireagainstcovantaincinerator/? Following the decision of the Environment Agency to issue Covanta with an Environmental Permit - the Judicial Review process is now the only option open to us. We know that a lot of residents have been active in promoting the campaign for the last couple of years.  We hope that everyone will take the … Continue reading BACI launches Crowd Funding Page

BACI issues Pre-Action Protocol Letter to the EA as first stage of Judicial Review Process

Following the decision by the Environment Agency to issue an Environmental Permit to Covanta - BACI has been pursuing legal advice regarding the Judicial Review Process. The Judicial Review process must be commenced within 3 months of the issue of the Permit on 26 January 2018. Under advisement from the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) the … Continue reading BACI issues Pre-Action Protocol Letter to the EA as first stage of Judicial Review Process

Covanta Newsletter

BACI conducted a survey in April 2018. The response to this showed that only nearly half of residents in the parishes identified by Covanta had received a Newsletter

Welcome to MMAG (formerly MMETAG)

Covanta reported in the last CLP meeting that they had sent out 4,800 newsletters – Click Here to View – to local residents by post and will be issuing an update 4 times a year.

There were majors problems involved with the last Newsletter which was due to go out in December 2017.  Deliveries were very patchy and many Newsletters had still not arrived with residents by April 2018.

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Covanta Community Liaison Panel 08/03/17- Full Minutes and Handouts

– EA reluctant to comment on specific Rookery Pit information due to Judicial Review and Appeals periods still in play
– BACI asked to send a representative to future meetings
– Electricity scheme details – £60 a year, a resident on 30 April 2018, 35 years from startup of EFW operations

Welcome to MMAG (formerly MMETAG)

The latest Community Liaison Panel Minutes are now available.

Meeting 25 (7) – 08/03/18

CLP Terms of Reference 2016
Environment Agency – Compliance and Assessment Briefing Note (General)
EA Rookery Pit Update and General Information on the EA’s role Presentation
Electricity Subsidy Scheme Presentation

All previous minutes and handouts of the Community Liaison Panel dating back to September 2009 can be found by Clicking Here

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BACI’s evidence for Judicial Review being appraised by barrister

Since the announcement at the end of January that the Environment Agency had issued an environmental permit to Covanta  - BACI has been busy putting together evidence for a Judicial Review. We have 3 months from the date the permit was issued to put our case forward.  We are now at the stage where a barrister … Continue reading BACI’s evidence for Judicial Review being appraised by barrister