Mark Smith


Ward  Representing
Ampthill Independent
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
From my perspective from Ampthill, the Incinerator will not only be a blot on the landscape from Ampthill Park, but Covanta’s record (as highlighted by your good selves) does not bode well in terms of pollution for Ampthill.

I fully support your efforts in fighting against the Incinerator and as you know I’ve pledged my support over time by publishing your articles on my Ampthill.Info social media streams.

It is a crying shame that decisions were taken out of local hands and that Central Government has made the decisions up to now.

Best of luck with the continuing fight and needless to say continue to send me articles to publish on Ampthill.Info, as what you are doing means a lot to the people of Ampthill.

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