Stephen Addy


Ward  Representing
Ampthill Conservative Party Candidate
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
It is a relatively simple view that the Covanta Incinerator should be opposed at every step of the process. I think you have done a magnificent job so far.

The impact on the surrounding areas will clearly be enormous, firstly the impact upon the already quite poor road infrastructure for the local area. The high level of large waste carrying vehicles will damage the roads and significantly add to what are some already very congested areas

From a pollution perspective, despite the lengthy reading available for this it should never be taken for granted. You have highlighted the environmental record of companies like these and Covanta in particular, and we should insist that if the plant does get the go ahead that there are continual reviews into the safety of the site.

At the risk of sounding like a nimby, the local areas are steeped with important history and the views from the top of Ampthill Park will have further eyesores within the vista. I am sure this was not what Capability Brown had in mind when designing the park. I cannot believe that this was considered at all when Central Government took this decision away from local decision makers.

Out of all the people that this will impact I do hugely sympathise with families that have bought properties close to the area without any prior knowledge that this was on the horizon. I am sure they would have looked elsewhere had they have been fully informed.

I will continue to support your efforts in fighting against the Incinerator and have kept the photos where we posed together lending my support as Mayor of Ampthill as a reminder to the good work that you have done for the town. Please keep going!!!

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