Susan Clinch


Ward  Representing
Ampthill Green Party
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
I have been an Ampthill resident for over 12 years and so remember the times when fumes from the Stewartby brickworks used to make walking along the Greensand ridge a very unpleasent experience.

As a Geographer, I am very aware of how local climate conditions, such as prevailing winds, topographic funnelling of local wind, and temperature inversions work to exacerbate pollution problems here. Carbon capture and fume cleansing are not yet tried and tested adequately to be trusted to remove the harmful emissions from this incinerator in this populated area.

If elected, I would support all efforts from the Council to prevent this unsuitable development from going ahead. As a local resident, I fully support the Beds Against Covanta Incinerator movement.

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