Karl O’Dell


Ward  Representing
Cranfield and Marston Moretaine Labour Party
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
As a local father, and like the majority of local parents, I am deeply concerned with atmospheric and environmental pollutants from the incinerator, and it’s transport logistics. This will not only have a negative effect on my family’s health but will affect the health of every single person locally.

We, as a family, have followed and supported the action and sheer determination of BACI to date. My concern for environmental issues is one of the reasons I decided to stand for Labour in our ward. The Conservatives claim to commit to reducing carbon and move to renewable energy, whilst implementing incinerators and fracking.

If elected, I will work with other councillors from all parties, independents, and our party, to continue to promote and support opposing Covanta in every way possible.

“A Labour led Council would declare a climate emergency and ensure that rapid decarbonisation is a central feature of every Council policy.” – Central Bedfordshire Labour Party.

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