Sue Clark


Ward  Representing
Cranfield and Marston Moretaine Conservative Party Candidate
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
Thank you for your email and the opportunity to respond.

As you know, I have fought hard over many years to try to stop Covanta. I initiated and led 25 town and parish councils who joined together to stop Covanta getting planning permission.

I submitted evidence and represented the town and parish councils at the public inquiry in opposition to the Development Consent Order. It was a long and difficult process and required determination and effort.

I then led the town and parish council’s petition to parliament against the making of the Order (granting planning permission).

We eventually lost and the DCO was granted. However, we had thought Covanta had given up on the UK when they closed their UK operations. I was horrified when they reappeared in partnership with Veolia.

18 town and parish councils got together again (including our local town and parish councils) and I organised and co-wrote our objection to the Environmental Permit.

I have put a huge effort into fighting Covanta and I remain absolutely opposed. I go to the Covanta Liaison meetings and will continue to put pressure on Covanta so that should the plant eventually become operational it will be run as safely as possible.

One thought on “Sue Clark

  1. The minutes for that CBC committee meeting state ” The Chairman read a statement from the Deputy Executive Member for Regeneration – Sue Clark – who, despite having opposed the plans for the incinerator, in light of the permit having been granted she felt that it would be beneficial to work in close partnership with Covanta and in the best interests of residents.”

    Extract 114 from

    Go to time 1.23 to hear actual quote

    The best interests of residents in the Marston Vale are best served by continued opposition to Covanta and support for the Judicial Appeal to be heard in court in July.

    Please note, Sue Clark’s statement includes “having opposed”, that is obviously in the past. This election is now! Constituents would do well to consider Cllr Clark’s preference for collaboration with Covanta, assess her current opposition to the incinerator – nil – and her current level of support – nil – for the Judicial Appeal to over turn the Environmental Permit and prevent the operation of Covanta’s incinerator.


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