Elstow and Stewartby Ward

Election 2019 Results

Congratulations to the Candidate elected to represent the Elstow and Stewartby Ward as a member of Bedford Borough Council.

BACI trusts as an elected representative of a crucial Ward within 4 miles of the Covanta Site – that the views and concerns of our membership concerning the Covanta Development will be addressed.

Please see the replies BACI received for Candidates for the Elstow and Stewartby Ward below when given the opportunity to state their current position on the Covanta Incinerator prior to the Election.  If the Candidate does not have a link – no reply was received.

Name Representing Votes
HILL TIM Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1,062
Name Representing Votes
ANCLIFF JADE MELISSA The Conservative Party Candidate 157
SAUNDERS ANNE Labour Party 117