Dan Toinko


Ward  Representing
Flitwick Labour Party
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
I was angered to learn from the excellent work on this issue by Labour’s MP for Bedford that the proposed incinerator will no longer, as had been promised, capture and use waste heat from electricity generation. In my view this massively undermines any environmental case for the facility and I hope a further appeal against the facility will be pursued. Combined heat and power from refuse incineration is an important method of carbon mitigation that is already common in Europe – Copenhagen is almost entirely heated by this ‘free’ heat, saving money and reducing fossil fuel reliance – and I do not accept that we should permit the building of facilities that are inferior due to cost-cutting and profiteering.

As a society we must reduce the amount of waste we produce, and we must ensure that what cannot be reused or recycled must be disposed of in as least environmentally impactful a way as possible. The proposed incinerator falls far short of this. The site is unsuitable for the required level of vehicle access, the impact on the neighbouring forest centre and water habitats could be devestating, and now it appears the promised heat output will be literally going up in smoke. This facilty would unacceptably damage our environment and I staunchly oppose it.

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