Ashley Frith


Ward  Representing
Kempston Rural Labour Party
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
I applaud the determination with which BACI has raised funds to bring court actions against this incinerator , and the support they have had from local people shows the strength of feeling locally about this monstrosity the Tory government seems determined to let Covanta impose on our doorstep.

If elected I’ll do all I can to work with other local councillors – especially those in the council wards likely to be most severely impacted by the pollution and traffic this development will bring – to raise our objections at the highest level.

I know we have a good working relationship with Mohammad Yasin MP who lives locally and will listen to and fight for his constituents on this issue. We should also push for action by Central Bedfordshire Council, who will also feel the impact if this development is allowed to go ahead.

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