Steve Gallagher


Ward  Representing
Kempston Rural Liberal Democrat Focus Group
Comments regarding the Covanta Incinerator sent to BACI
The Lib Dem’s have been very supportive to BACI in the past and I would be no different.

As you know Mayor Dave Hodgson, who has opposed the plans for the vast incinerator at every stage, has approved a further contribution from Bedford Borough Council of £2,499 to this community campaign, an amount identified by BACI and agreed following discussion with the group.

Commenting at the time of the decision to make this contribution late last year, Mayor Dave said: “Pleased to sign authorisation for another contribution by Bedford Borough Council to Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator, should their appeal against the recent judgement in the High Court proceed as we all hope it will.’

“The amount to be contributed (£2,499, taking the total commitment to just under £3,000 following an earlier donation) was identified following discussion with BACI.’

“BACI’s volunteers have done an incredible job on behalf of the residents of Stewartby and other communities which would be affected so negatively by the proposed giant incinerator.’

“We’ve opposed the damaging plans at every stage, and are very pleased to support BACI’s superb efforts to stop the massively oversized rubbish burner, which would attract waste from across a vast area onto our doorstep.”

I 100% echo Mayor Dave Hodgson’s stance and will support BACI to help oppose these plans at every stage.

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