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2nd Consultation now open until 7th November

Despite an unprecedented number of objections to the 1st Consultation of nearly 2,000 the Environment Agency still wants to blight Marston Vale & beyond with this environmental disaster to be located adjacent to the Millennium Country Park/Forest Centre.

BACI learned that previously only consultations involving fracking had come anywhere near this number of submissions.

The Environment Agency has confirmed that anyone who responded to the 1st consultation – either via online or email – should have received an email detailing the 2nd consultation.

Please note –

  • you do not have to have responded to the 1st consultation in order to submit comments to the 2nd consultation.
  • if you responded to the 1st consultation you will still need to respond to the 2nd consultation in order for your comments to be considered by the Environment Agency.
  • if you do not respond to the 2nd consultation the Environment Agency will assume that you are content with the draft permit and decision document

The Environment Agency stated that unlike the 1st Consultation – that was advertised in local papers – this 2nd Consultation will not be advertised by the Environment Agency

Part of the consultation also involves a drop-in afternoon on 20th September 1pm – 7pm at the Forest Centre – also not advertised in the press by the Environment Agency.

The draft permit and decision document have only just been made available for BACI to consider.  We would suggest to residents at this point to hold off any official submissions until we have had time to look through and first of all check all residents concerns have been addressed, that answers given are adequate and then collect any new evidence.

The Draft Permit and Decision Documents can be found at the bottom of the following link – https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/mk43-9ly-covanta-energy-limited-1/

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