What You Can Do

We will re-opening the Fundraising system for donations towards Air Monitoring Equipment shortly once we have established the best equipment to invest in.

In the meantime – you can keep up to date with the campaign and inform others by:

  • Download the General Information Leaflet and/or Poster to display and inform others
  • Consider printing out some leaflets and distributing them at your local interest group or other local social gatherings
  • Talk to your friends and colleagues to check that they are aware of the Covanta Incinerator
  • ‘Like’ the BACI Facebook Page to receive update posts on your news feed
  • Join the discussion on the Facebook Group
  • Share BACI posts to your own timeline to inform your friends
  • Show support by changing your facebook profile –  Click Here to Learn How
  • Follow BACI on twitter @BedsACI and use the hashtag #nocovantaincinerator and #skyfill on your own tweets
  • Keep up-to-date with new Posts by using the Follow Button at the bottom of the page
  • Email us or use the contact form to sign up for regular email updates

If there are any funds left over at any point of this current campaign to collect for the purpose the Legal Process– this will be used either in the wider campaign (if this is still existing) – for instance for air pollution monitoring equipment – or another local project.

More Information

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