Update – Please record Covanta Related Incidents with BACI

We are encouraging all residents affected by any type of Covanta Incident to report each and every occasion to the EA (Environment Agency) Incident Hotline on 0800 807060. Please make sure that you are given a reference number as confirmation.

Incidents could involve Odours, Dust, Noise, or any other environmental disturbance.

Please ensure to include any physical/medical/health adverse effects experienced by you or your family.

In order for us as a community to have a better understanding of the numbers and locations affected by the Covanta Incinerator – we are asking that you record all incidents that you report to the EA (Environment Agency) with BACI.

This will also enable us to keep our own independent records.

Please note – this is not intended to take the place of reporting an incident with the EA but in addition to reporting an incident with the EA.

Please use the form HERE to record your experiences.

2 thoughts on “Update – Please record Covanta Related Incidents with BACI

  1. I contacted CBC and the EA on 16th April after an incident with the Covanta incinerator. I went to walk my dogs on Folly wood at Lidlington viewpoint and as soon as I opened my back door I noticed a terrible acrid smell. My daughter and I remarked on it. We walked to the top of the view point by which time we both had running eyes and a burning sensation at the back of our throats. We were looking for the cause and my daughter pointed out that smoke was streaming out of the incinerator chimney, going downwards across the vale floor and towards us. The effects were so bad we went home. I mentioned it to my husband who got on his bike and rode to the incinerator. He confirmed that the smoke was brown in colour, going downwards and over the Vale floor and that it was the source of the smell and burning sensation.


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