Appeal Hearing Outcome – Reserved Judgement – Decision Pending

The Appeal Hearing took place Tuesday 2nd July at the Appeal Court – Royal Courts of Justice as the continuation of the Judicial Review case against the Environmental Permit issued to Covanta in 2018.

Following the Appeal Hearing the outcome was ‘Reserved Judgement’.  This means the 3 Appeal Judges took the option to retire and consider the evidence of the case before handing down Judgement.

There is no indication of the time-scale expected for Judgement to be handed down.  We understand this could take anywhere between a few weeks to –  in extreme cases – 6 months.  BACI’s original Judicial Review Claim at the High Court also returned ‘Reserved Judgement’ – and was then handed down around 3 weeks later.

In contrast to the High Court Hearing – the Appeal Hearing was available as a live stream direct from the Court.

The full 2 session videos of the Appeal Hearing are now also available to view on the Courts archive page at https://www.judiciary.uk/publications/baci-bedfordshire-ltd-v-environment-agency/

We were delighted that our request to the Courts for live streaming to be considered was accepted.  This case is essentially a community action –and it is great that all those who have donated will be able to see the legal process.

For more details on the Appeal Hearing – Please see the Appeal Hearing Page Here

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Judicial Review High Court Ruling 

Press Release 06/11/18

BACI (Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator) has today [06/11/18] received the judgment from the Courts regarding the Judicial Review Claim against the Environment Agency’s issue of an operating permit for Covanta’s Rookery Pit Incinerator.

It is with great disappointment that we must announce that the Judge has ruled in favour of the Environment Agency and has dismissed our claim to quash the Permit.

In her judgment the Judge conceded that Covanta had made a factual and scientific error in its permit application.  The Judge also acknowledged that the Environment Agency had not made any clarification or disclaimer concerning this error – either during the consultation process or in the decision document. She concluded however – that she finds that the Environment Agency did not adopt the error into the permit that was issued.

This campaign has truly been a community effort and has united residents from many different Towns and villages in and around the Marston Vale in a common cause.

If developed the Covanta Incinerator could be operating for up to 40 years and will signal the beginning of re-industrialization of the Marston Vale and the end of regeneration of the area.

In order to give residents the best possible opportunity to continue to fight this – we will be seeking legal advice regarding the viability of an Appeal against the decision.  Our initial feelings are that the reasoning and judgment appears somewhat contradictory and there appears to be reliance on precedents set by other claims that need reviewing in the pollution threatened world we find ourselves in at the moment.

We will be going through the judgment in more detail and further information will be available on our website https://bedsagainstincinerator.wordpress.com/ shortly.

Although the current situation is obviously not the best outcome – taking control and taking a statutory regulatory body to court is an achievement in itself – and gives a clear message to both Covanta and the Environment Agency that the public have a voice and will be watching their every move.

BACI (Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator) was formed in 2016 to oppose the Covanta Incinerator at Rookery Pit South and has no political affiliations.  For more details – please contact Nicola Ryan-Raine bedsagainstcovantaincinerator@gmail.com

Please Click Here to View the Full Judgement Document

Please Click Here for BACI’s 2 Day Substantive Court Hearing Dates – 10th and 11th October 2018 :

  • Full Write Up of the events of the 2 days
  • Full Photo Gallery
  • Extra information video regarding the basis of the Judicial Review claim and showing current progress in the pit 

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A massive thank you to everybody who sent good luck messages throughout the 2 days – sorry we were unable to take any photos or videos inside the Court Building itself.

Thank you all for your Continued Support

Please Click Here for more detail regarding the Judicial Review Process

Please Click Here for a write up of the 2 Day Court Hearing- photos and extra information video

If there are any funds left over at any point – this will be used either in the wider campaign (if this is still existing) for example on air pollution monitoring equipment or another local project.

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